What it takes for a company to have open culture

It takes a lot for a company to have an open culture. It’s hard to form open culture, and even harder to maintain it.

Having an open company culture starts with the executive team and CEO. If the CEO of a company is overly open and honest, that openness is likely to spread to everyone in the company. Does your CEO

pop into the main chat everyday, have fun and ask questions?

Speaking of questions, that is a great indicator of how open someone is. Nobody knows it all and being open about this shows their humility and that they’re looking to make changes. They aren’t just barking orders out for grindy tasks that need to be done yesterday.

If a CEO talks about very specific details to everyone in the company it makes employees feel like they aren’t being feed general mission statements and go get em attitudes.

Having annual team and company retreats is a great way for employees to learn more about each other and feel free to be open.

Avoiding private meetings between managers and executives. Have a space for all meeting notes and make sure everyone can read them.

Talk about employee raises publicly and explain how and why they got the raise. This should help most of the misconceptions people have about whether they are deserving.

Have a place for employees to leave anonymous suggestions. We hope you use mplyees for this! 🙂

Have high level executives hang out with normal employees. Each employee should hang out or have lunch with someone of influence at least once a year. This is a great way for them to ask questions and gain knowledge, even if it’s not about work!

Open finances for the whole company. Your employees want to know how the company is doing as a whole.

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