Employee suggestion detail pages

That’s right, nothing exciting here. We just updated mplyees.com to have employee suggestion detail pages. Employee suggestion detail pages show just a single employee suggestion. To see them in action you just need to click on a suggestion’s title on a company’s page.

We also updated the email and tweet alerts to link directly to a suggestion’s detail page when one is added.

Having employee suggestion detail pages will also help Google crawl individual suggestions. This will help other employees, future employees, and companies find out what is going on at a company through search.

The new individual employee suggestion pages currently only show the same information as on the company page, but as the site gets used more we expect longer employee suggestion descriptions and will need to truncate them.

In the future we also hope to add commenting on employee suggestions, which would be put on the individual employee suggestion pages.

Here is a link to an employee suggestion detail page:


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