employee motivation improved by company culture

Employee motivation improved by company culture

Company culture is a pretty hot topic these days. Both companies and employees desire it. So surely it should be something easy to navigate? There are several practices that can improve employee motivation within a company’s culture.

Good communication improves employee motivation

Good communication often involves two roles: the speaker and the listener. When the speaker, the employees, feel like the listener is actively hearing out what they are trying to say, it improves the overall working relationship and communication process. When a company has good communication between executives, managers and employees, it creates a less stressful working environment. Less stressed employees makes a more focused and motivated work space.

Frederick Herzberg and others have done studies that have shown that employees who experience higher parts of speech in the form of open communication are led to increased performance (Neves & Eisenberger, 2012; Rhodes & Eisenberger, 2002; Neves & Eisenberger, 2012), positive attitude, and workplace happiness (Anchor, 2009; Froman, 2010; Peters & Austin, 1985).


Working remotely improves employee motivation

When you allow employees to work remotely, they have a lot more control over their work environment. They don’t get distracted with various office noises, and are able to create a working environment that best suites their needs. For example, one employee may have higher productivity and focus when listening to music in an open space, while another employee may find that they have higher productivity when there is no noise and visual distractions.

Working remotely also allows employees to eat healthier lunches and spend time in an environment that allows them to recharge faster. Meeting employee’s working environment needs by letting them work remotely, allows them to stay focused, happy, and motivated.

Open and transparent plans of action improves employee motivation

CEOs and upper management are often talking about their company vision, current plan of action, and future initiatives. The area they are often lacking is collaborating with their teams and employees to help put their initiatives and plans of action into place. Collaborating with employees allows for better communication and organization to make their plans of action more successful  because then they will have an abundant supply of people in place to drive their vision forward. With detailed plans brings a team clarity, and clarity brings employee and team motivation.

Recognition system improves employee motivation

If you’ve ever been recognized for something, you know how good it feels. The sad part is it seems to rarely happen in today’s rush to constantly be improving and being the best of the best. But by creating a bonus and recognition system, it will improve employee motivation as long as it is obtainable. The odds need to be in good favor for each and every employee. If they work hard, they should be recognized at least once a year. If the company is larger, this might mean multiple recognitions on a daily basis.

Health and learning stipends improves employee motivation

Providing employees with health and learning stipends gives them incentives to lead healthier lives. They’re more likely to work out and take extra classes if they don’t have to pay for it.

Working out, going to a psychiatrist, and attending various wellness activities can improve an employee’s life tremendously. When your employees have more access to better wellness activities, it allows them to feel happier with their life and be more inclined to stay motivated and focused.

Being able to take classes and learning opportunities for free improves employee self-confidence, which links to improved motivation. When paying for your employees to attend professional development opportunities, your employees will repay you back by coming back with extended knowledge that will help your company reach new levels of success.

Paying for vacation accommodations improves employee motivation

Many employers give their employees at least 2 weeks of paid vacation to help improve their mental focus and motivation when they return back to work. But when employees take vacation days, they often want a change of scenery and to do a staycation, which can get very costly. Spending one to two thousand dollars per person is enough to cause people to not travel and not use their vacation days when they mentally need it the most. When employees don’t take their vacation days, they will become less motivated and focused at work, making business productivity decrease substantially.

If companies offer their employees a vacation accommodations budget for when they travel and take vacation, it will encourage their employees to take vacation time. This vacation often comes when employees are noticing they’re in need of a mental health re-boost in their life. With this re-boost, employees’ work mentality will be reenergized and more productive than ever before because traveling increases employee happiness with renewed spirit!

A few of these ideals can be done for nothing besides a lot of time. Others could end up costing a lot of money, but a hive with high motivation can make a lot more honey.

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